Underwhelm Your Home Life With 6 Simple Tips

Stressed out over a disorganized and cluttered home? Overwhelmed with seemingly endless chores? Clueless about what to fix for dinner?  Deciding once again what outfit you will wear the next day?  Struggling to pay bills on time or find important paperwork?  Exhausted from constantly deleting unwanted and unnecessary emails? Most of us live extremely busyContinue reading “Underwhelm Your Home Life With 6 Simple Tips”

How to Create a Simple Budget

Do you sometimes forget to pay bills and then find out you now have to pay the bill plus late fees and interest?  Are you often struggling with running out of money a few days before payday?  Does it seem impossible for you to ever find enough money to save for taking a much-needed vacation,Continue reading “How to Create a Simple Budget”

At the Intersection of Same and Change

Since we are getting ready to start another new year and it seems that most of us, including myself, get inspired once again to make some type of change in our lives, I thought this would be a great topic to share an article about.  It is almost as if we often need a startingContinue reading “At the Intersection of Same and Change”

First-Time Homebuyer the Second-Time Around

Are you currently renting but have previously owned a home in the past during a marriage or other partnership and think that you cannot afford to buy one on your single or double income?  Well think again as I know that it is possible to buy a home again for very little out-of-pocket costs.  IContinue reading “First-Time Homebuyer the Second-Time Around”

The Six Key Steps to Financial Success

Have you often thought that financial success is only attainable for the corporate executives who make high salaries, the children who have been born into riches, the family members who have inherited a large sum of money from a dying relative or the otherwise poor to middle-income individuals who were lucky enough to win theContinue reading “The Six Key Steps to Financial Success”