Using Emojis in the Workplace and Why You Should Not

Emojis…those little symbolic icons that, during our very busy lives without time to type a bunch of words out, can quickly express our thoughts and feelings to friends, family and other special ones in our lives.  The smiley face telling a friend hello or to have a nice day, the winking face blowing a kissContinue reading “Using Emojis in the Workplace and Why You Should Not”

Stepping Back in Order to Step Up Your Career

Stepping back or even just laterally in your career may cause anxiety, stress and other severe mental issues with some.  Leaving a job or company that you have been with for years can be as traumatizing as other major life events, such as marriage, divorce and death of a loved one.  Even if a particularContinue reading “Stepping Back in Order to Step Up Your Career”

Leadership and How It Taught Me to Let Go

Leadership…what is it exactly? Many say what a leader is not…not a dictating high-strung manager, not a person just sitting on a certain high step of the corporate ladder because they obtained a certain degree or figured out how to manipulate through the hierarchy of nonsense politics, and definitely not one who uses their statusContinue reading “Leadership and How It Taught Me to Let Go”